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Japan Trip 2017

Another year, another trip, this time with Lann094 from Oyatsu, Kantai and who knows where else and sm2345 again. I hope I can keep up those trips in the future too. The flight was around 50% more expensive because of cherry blossom season and the accommodations were more expensive as well despite us using Airbnb.… Read More »

Tales of Berseria: Special Pre-Order Bonuses

So I just received my copy and since I went out of my way to get the 7net version with all Tales Channel PLUS bonuses, here they are. Contents: Special Dramatic Chat: Melon Gummi Special Behind-the-Scenes Talk by the Voice Cast Tales of Berseria Meeting Actor Interview: Rina Satou (Velvet) Actor Interview: Azumi Asakura (Laphicet)… Read More »

A Trip to Japan (Completed: Day 13 of 14)

It’s actual real-life blogging time for once! I’m going to put up some info and images from my first trip to Japan up to the end of May. I won’t be writing page-long articles describing every detail and in what way to visit what. There are plenty of those and they aren’t my domain anyway.… Read More »