Choujigen Game Neptune Vol. 1-2

By | March 5, 2014

Choujigen Game Neptune title image
English-subtitled Choujigen Game Neptune series.
If you find any mistakes, please report them so they can be fixed for batch.

Japanese: 超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ (Choujigen Game Neptune)
English: Hyperdimension Game Neptune
Alternative: Hyperdimension Neptune (official Japanese English), Hyperdimension Neptunia (official American English)

Video: Blu-ray 1920x1080p24 H.264 (10-bit)
Audio: Blu-ray 2.0 AAC
Subtitles: modified Commie BD
– TLCed to Funimation and official lyrics for songs
– changed naming to Japanese one
– some restyling, minor retiming, other tweaks and clean-up

Translator: Futsuu (Commie)
Editor: Xythar (Commie)
Timer: yaffi (Commie)
Typesetter: Haidaraaaaa, Xythar (Commie)
Raw Provider: yulius (U2娘@Share)
Encoder / Modifications: Majin3

Vol. 1 Torrent
Vol. 2 Torrent

I wasn’t sure what to do since Commie picked up the BDs as well but decided to continue. Starting at Vol. 2 I’m using their BD version and the OP was redone to have color changes as well. Also, starting at Vol. 2 I’m including the Audio Commentary track if available (but untranslated). Vol. 1 will be updated for batch.
Since neither Commie nor Funimation used 100% English names, I thought about adding that as another track first but that turned out as too much effort so sorry, Japanese only.

5 thoughts on “Choujigen Game Neptune Vol. 1-2

  1. Uppercool

    I’ve yet to download this, but is 女神 still translated into English as “CPU”? It really disturbs me to not call a goddess, a goddess, but a CPU. (´∩`。)

    Oh, and are there going to be honorifics (if not already)? :v

    Thank you for this release, though. :D

    1. Majin3 Post author

      I’ve changed 女神 to “goddess” and 女神化 to “divine form”. No honorifics.

      1. Uppercool

        I thought I would get a notification of your reply through e-mail, but it didn’t happen. :’c

        No honorifics are fine, but thanks for the hard work! :D

  2. techguru

    you should defiantly use honorifics in this…and as for hayate cuties…if you mod commies localozed shit probably help you with it…I could do the modding and give you the scripts. gogeta on googles mail service

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Commie didn’t do Hayate Cuties. Otherwise there’d be no problem.


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