Japan Trip 2017

By | April 26, 2017

Another year, another trip, this time with Lann094 from Oyatsu, Kantai and who knows where else and sm2345 again. I hope I can keep up those trips in the future too.

The flight was around 50% more expensive because of cherry blossom season and the accommodations were more expensive as well despite us using Airbnb. My transfer this time around was at Charles de Gaulle at Paris which was definitely a less pleasuring experience (especially terminal G on my way back which was a tiny waiting room with tons of people and only one overpriced shop) compared to Amsterdam. I also got to try out Japan Airlines which was a more relaxing experience than KLM but didn’t seem as well coordinated as I for example had to make sure my suitcase finds its way back to Germany by myself.

Arrival was a Haneda Airport this time which can be nice as it’s closer to Tokyo but doesn’t have to be considering fitting in a suitcase in rush hours is pretty much impossible there. Fortunately, my departure at rush hours was from Narita once again. The trip consisted of Tokyo, Osaka and their surroundings once more.
I’ll keep it short as I didn’t even have a proper camera on me.

Current state of Akihabara, Tokyo.

Illustration Exhibition Commemorating the Finale of the “Zero no Tsukaima” Series at Tokyo Anime Center in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Oyatsu fansubbing meetup with a few minutes of progress on Luck & Logic 09!

Cherry blossom viewing at Tsutsujigaoka Park in Sendai.

Sightseeing at Aoba Castle in Sendai.

A stage in Kotodai Park in Sendai visited by a certain bear-meeting shrine maiden.

KyoAni’s studio that I apparently missed last time despite it being close to their shop in Kyoto.

Sightseeing at Tofuku Temple in Kyoto.

Sightseeing at Kinkaku Temple in Kyoto.

Sightseeing at Grand Sumiyoshi Shrine in Osaka.

Sightseeing at Sumiyoshi Park in Osaka.

Looking down at Osaka from Umeda Sky Building.

Current state of Den-Den Town in Osaka. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything to buy there just like last time.

Interior of the mansion of a certain mage involved at the Holy Grail War (Uroko House, Kobe).

Exterior of the same mansion that I unfortunately didn’t remember at all (Kazamidori Mansion, Kobe).

A bridge of choices for a certain Hero of Justice as well as the battlefield for a certain little girl’s spin-off (Bridge and Northern Park of Port Island, Kobe).

Kawasaki’s museum by the name of “Kawasaki Good Time World” of all their accomplishments in Kobe.

IDOLM@STER Akihabara J@CK Café at AniON Station in Nagoya. Unfortunately of Million Live which I know nothing about.

Nagoya City Science Museum with some interesting stuff here and there although mostly targeted at children.

fhána’s Looking for the World Atlas Tour 2017 concert. I wasn’t sure whether taking pictures was allowed so I was only able to take a terrible, stealthy one.

Cherry blossom viewing at Fujiyoshida. Pretty sure there is not a single person out there interested in Japan who hasn’t seen a picture from this spot yet.

Cherry blossom… or probably just sightseeing at the lake of Kawaguchiko.

My tatami mat room in our third accomodation back in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Snacks bought at this trip. The KitKats aren’t for me, though.

Souvenirs but mostly goods bought at this trip including:
– Cinderella Dekoration and fhána’s concert towels
– a GochiUsa bag
– an original Kantoku and a NonNon wall scroll
– barely visible Kanako (Im@s), Hifumi (New Game), Kanno (Brave Witches) and Satania (Gabriel DropOut) ballpoint pens
– two LN volumes of Eromanga-sensei that came out since my last trip, the new BokuMachi after story and a book that’s hidden by reflections for good reason
– way too many mugs and cups (Illya, Anzu, Karen, Kirino, Rem, Im@s, Pop in Q)
– a Sorey key strap not for myself
– tea and seasoning souvenirs
– a Chino fork and spoon
– Haruka (Im@s, not on picture) and MaiDragon bookmarks
– Ram IC card holder
– PSN cards

We also watched multiple movies:
– SAO: I didn’t expect much but it was really touching at the end although you still get the usual “Why didn’t they just…?” moments.
– Hirune-hime: I could’ve expected a lot of different settings but not one like this. As expected of Japan. Definitely a recommendation, the less you read about it the better.
– Pop in Q: For a second I was worried we’d be in a room full of little girls but obviously it was just grown men. A nice, cute movie with bad CG as usual with Toei.
– Kimi no Na wa: Watched this one alone as the last thing on the trip. Great animation, touching story but definitely too over-hyped at this point.
Wish I could’ve seen Koe no Katachi as well but unfortunately that already stopped showing in all nearby cinemas.

And this marks the end of another trip. Now back to work…

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