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By | December 23, 2014


Actually, I don’t think there’s any point in me continuing these. Get the latest DLC from Sunday Game
It’s not complete but probably the best out there for public.
Maybe I’ll do a complete pack once everything is out, but repackaging only those from Sunday Game is pointless.

Here’s some DLC for the PS3 game Shining Resonance (BLJM61156). I’m not sure if there’s any point in me releasing these but since I’m making them for myself I might as well…
The .pkg linked here will always contain all DLCs for the game I found so far. The individual DLC packs are from other sites and partially converted from the Chinese version of the game.
If you have some packs I don’t, please post them in the comments!
Keep in mind that you need to login into PSN to use some of it.

Vol. 1 is complete
Vol. 2 is missing all items and Sigils

Seasonal Events (Vol. 2):
– Christmas Eve Chapter

Grimoires (Vol. 1):
– Aqua Alta: Palace at the Bottom of the Sea
– Lava Road: The Scorching Ruins
– Yellow Veryl: Maze of Quicksand

Costumes (Vol. 1):
– Idol Costume: Agnum
– Idol Costume: Marion
– Idol Costume: Yuma
– Idol Costume: Kirika
– Idol Costume: Sonia
– Idol Costume: Rinna
– Swimsuit Costume: Kirika
Costumes (Vol. 2):
– Maid Costume: Kirika
– Maid Costume: Sonia
– Maid Costume: Marion
– Maid Costume: Rinna

Figurines (Vol. 1):
– Maid Figure: Kirika
Figurines (Vol. 2):
– Maid Figure: Sonia
– Maid Figure: Marion

Skills (Vol. 2):
– Fusion
– Billionaire Road
– Keen Attack
– Abstruse Defense

Personalities (Vol. 2):
– Shining Maid


22 thoughts on “Shining Resonance DLC

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Unfortunately, I don’t have access to any of the places where DLCs come out first so nope.

  1. Amatsuka Kou

    Can you make Vol. 01 and Vol. 02 (also Vol. 03 and the others later) in separate file???
    Because I already done download Vol. 01…

    1. Majin3 Post author

      I’d rather not. Vol. 2 isn’t complete in the current .pkg, just like Vol. 1 wasn’t complete in the previous one. I’d have to do multiple versions of each volume if I separated them.

  2. asd

    Man i wish we had 1-4 in full.
    I entered the ps3 piracy scene because all of this DLC and complete edition bullshit (looking at you, atelier pluses)

  3. Narumimai

    First, thank you for all these upload :) You’re doing a great job!
    And I don’t know if it’s going to help you…But I hope so…
    I found this:
    Seems like the 4 volume of DLC has been uploaded and the Pre-order DLC pack too.
    I don’t know if there’s all the DLC but I thought that you might be interested by it.

    Anyway, once again, good job and see you soon!

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Thanks but those seem to be re-uploads from Sunday Game (added a link to there to the post). And all preorder DLCs are already complete in the latest torrent.

  4. xian01

    where vol 4? please upload, just vol 4.. and then in 16/17 january upload vol 5.. i need vol 4 ._.

  5. Greg70

    All this DLC its just bullshit not worth any time
    I finished this game without it and I was happy :)

  6. ed

    hello everyone!, can somebody tell me how to install the dlc? I have already installed the pkg but I can´t see the content in the game, do you need to be connected to PSN to enable the dlc? Thanks!

  7. Mike

    Please do DLC 16! Sunday Game stopped with DLC 15, and 16 is the game’s final DLC, so it sticks out like a sore thumb for its absence given that all other ones were uploaded =(

    1. Majin3 Post author

      He probably can’t find it. And the previous volumes weren’t complete either as far as I know. Me searching probably wouldn’t change anything.

  8. Karen

    Hi, can somebody tell me how to install the dlc? I have already installed the pkg but I can´t see the content in the game, help me

    1. Majin3 Post author

      You need to activate it in your menu first and for that to go online at least once. You also really shouldn’t be using this package since it’s just a fraction of the actual available DLC content in there.

      1. Karen

        Can you tell me more clearly? This is the first time I do this.


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