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By | November 1, 2017

Nov 01, 2017:
2017 is coming to an end and so it’s time for another update. As you’ve all seen, I haven’t released anything in a while and there are multiple reasons for that.

There is not much to release anymore as neither PS4 nor Switch that I currently play on have been hacked yet. Even if they were, I doubt I’d actually hack mine. Also, there’s barely any games anymore that aren’t dual-audio to begin with and most of them also get released on PC if anyone feels like hacking them. Additionally, I haven’t bought nor downloaded any non-Japanese releases for a long time now so I don’t even have interest in messing with them anymore.

Subtitled Blu-rays
As with games, I’m also slowly shifting my viewing habits away from subtitled anime. While my Japanese is far from being able to completely allow this yet, I don’t see subtitled content as something future-proof for me. The whole fansubbing scene having practically died doesn’t help.
Currently, I’d much rather focus on being “closer to the root” as in: buying and uploading Blu-ray discs while expanding my new collection. Unfortunately, this doesn’t leave much room for Hien. Blu-rays usually don’t get uploaded to public and I won’t be changing that. Whoever has interest in them has access to the sites in question anyway. I thought about encoding them and uploading raw releases but I’d rather leave that to people who actually care about re-encoded content.
CDs that come with Blu-rays I buy will be posted here but otherwise I see no point in even mentioning what I buy as none of the content will appear here anyway.

Now this is something I’ll be continuing as usual. There are multiple CDs that’ve been waiting almost half a year to get uploaded. What made this difficult is me moving and after finally buying a scanner rethinking the way I scan content. After finally deciding on a new workflow a few days ago (there’s going to be a blog post about it a bit later) I’ll be slowly starting back up with CD uploads. If anyone saw my uploads in the previous few months on a certain other site, they noticed how inconsistent they were which was the reason I didn’t put up anything here.

As for the site itself, there’s been a lot of rather negative changes. Changing the server setup multiple times resulted in a rather slow website experience on a complicated setup that currently doesn’t offer any advantage anymore. I’ll be adjusting things yet another time in the next few months that should bring the website back to 2016 speeds

Feb 02, 2016:
Time for another update: PHP got updated to version 7 a while ago and some useless JavaScript got removed. Also, the brotli compression format got enabled on the back-end server which might or might not speed up transfer to CloudFlare. They’re still experimenting with brotli, so you won’t see any such responses yet. Never mind, the current version seems to corrupt files bigger than 500 KB or so. Additionally, CloudFlare enabled HTTP/2 support for everyone so the whole request chain should be in HTTP/2 by now. As always, page speed should be increased since the last update so enjoy your stay.

Oct 26, 2015:
It’s been over 1 year since the last update so I thought I’d make a new one.
By now, the site is reachable over both IPv4 and IPv6 though v6 occasionally breaks. Blame my host and pfSense which unfortunately breaks tons of stuff randomly. The server also got moved to a more powerful machine although nobody’s going to notice any difference since the old one was way more powerful than a simple site like this needs anyway. The back-end also runs with (partial) HTTP/2 support by now, but CloudFlare is still testing things on their side so SPDY 3.1 is all you’re going to get for now.
What else…? Some security got tuned, some tuning disabled, some caching enabled. Stuff that nobody except me cares about. And that’s about it. Enjoy your stay.

Oct 17, 2014:
Screenshot SSL issue solved by removing all screenshots! They weren’t completely lossless anyway so who cares. Also, new full-width theme.

Oct 12, 2014:
I added some security measures which I’ll be tuning in the next few days. If anyone encounters 503 errors, leave a comment.

Oct 11, 2014:
I just found out CloudFlare added SSL support for free users and so I enabled (and forced) it for Hien. This also means Hien’s dropping support for Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 1 and other similarly old browsers which don’t support elliptic curve cryptography.
The “mixed content” warning in some browsers is caused by the way I embed screenshots. All other traffic gets fully encrypted between you and CloudFlare and between them and Hien’s server now. I’ll think of something about the screenshots soon.
Update your bookmarks if you don’t want useless redirect requests.

Jul 23, 2014:
.moe logo
Hien has finally moved to my own domain and is now available under Please update your bookmarks.

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