Tales of Zestiria DLC (“Complete”)

By | June 16, 2015

Tales of Zestiria DLC title image

Before installing any DLC make sure you have the latest game update 1.12 applied.

Since the game has been out for months now and there’s been tons of DLC missing, I went ahead and bought most of it.
This is the complete Tales of Zestirla DLC set up to the day this post was written except:
– 7-Eleven pre-order bonus
– the following stat boosts: “Increase Max HP +1000 (2),” “Level Up +5 (3),” “Level Up +5 (4)” and “Level Up +10 (2)”
– the following snacks: “Strawberry Rice Cake Mix,” “Sponge Cake Mix,” “Rice Cracker Mix,” “Rice Dumpling Mix” and “Bean Jelly Mix”
The pre-order bonus is really hard to get and the rest… Might as well cheat. So I suppose this is going to be the final set. Enjoy!

Credits for half of this pack goes to the people at BBS.Duowan and 瘦剑道人.

0.91 fixes 1 DLC still being tied to my account. Blame the writer of the buggy R2R.exe tool.



5 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria DLC (“Complete”)

  1. Saito

    I wanted this for a long time… you’re awesome! Thanks!

  2. Zero_g

    Sorry for asking this here, but you can’t login anymore to ps4news and I can’t get a hold of the dlc for Tale of Graces F perfect undub version (Tales_of_Graces_f_COMPLETE_DLC_FIXED-version2 [BLUS30903]). If anyone has it and can share it, it would be great.

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Doesn’t seem like any of the links I had are still working so cannot help unfortunately.

      1. Zero_g

        I have the one that says “Tales of Graces F – COMPLETE DLC FIXED [BLUS30903] [WORK ONGOING]” and then you have to install an EDATFIX. Do you know what are the differences?

        1. Majin3 Post author

          If I remember correctly, there were some crashes with the DLC because of it being ported from the Japanese version so it’s probably related to fixing that. I’ve never installed them, though, so not sure.


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