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It’s been a long ride but it’s over now. It wasn’t over after all. v2 batch to (once again) fix missing EX Episodes:


Only the unlock file changed, no v2 tag.
Make sure you install the update 1.07 as well.

Catalog contents (descending from 14 to 1):
Idols: Special Guests – Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda (Onegai! Cinderella)
Songs: THE IDOLM@STER 2nd-mix, Omoide o Arigatou, Agent Yoru o Yuku, 9:02pm

Idols: Special Guests – Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda (Star!!)
Songs: shiny smile, Ai LIKE Hamburger, SMOKY THRILL, Honey Heartbeat

Idol: Special Guest – Kaede Takagaki (Koikaze)
Outfits: Symphony No. 765, Splendor Soirée
Song: MUSIC♪
Accessories: Astell Earrings, Trois Star Brooch, Blue Comet Chain, Star Drop Anklet, Wild Cat Ears, Wild Cat Tail, Fluffy Wristband, Stuffed Mouse
Other: 20000 Money #12, 40000 Money #12

Idol: Special Guest – Mio Honda (Mitsuboshi ☆☆★)
Outfit: Old Modern Blossom
Song: Good-Byes
Accessories: Retro Girl’s Beret, Retro School Bag, Clock on Memories, Tricolor Ankle, Fairy’s Pointy Ears, Fairy’s Enchanted Wings, Fairy’s Magical Wand, Fairy’s Magical Shoes
Other: 20000 Money #11, 40000 Money #11

Idol: Special Guest – Rin Shibuya (Never say never)
Outfits: Refrain Romance, Knight on Stage
Song: edeN
Accessories: Blue Rose Headdress, Blue Rose Brooch, Icy Bracelet, Icy Anklet, Monster Bolt, Swaying Ghost, Ribbit Puppet, Pumpkin Garter
Other: 20000 Money #10, 40000 Money #10

Idol: Special Guest – Uzuki Shimamura (S(mile)ING!)
Outfits: Dreaming⌒Iris, Fluffy Girl Pajamas, Newcomer Sunrise
Songs: We Have A Dream
Accessories: Cutie Hair Turban, Stuffed Kumatomo, Heart Wrapping Ring, Pure Time Slippers, Star Earrings, Star Brooch, Star Bracelet, Star Anklet
Other: 20000 Money #9, 40000 Money #9

Scenario: EX Episode 3 – ALL FOR…
Idol: Special Guest – Tsubasa Ibuki (Koi no Lesson Shokyuu-hen)
Outfits: Dancing Belly Reverie, Nordic Highness, Dressy Alice, Pleiades M45, Jade Stardust, Interstellar Flyer, Visitor from Space, Next Orbiter, Pastel Milky Way
Songs: Visionary, Little Match Girl
Accessories: Ruby Head Tikka, Lotus Brooch, Gold Bird Bracelet, Gold Anklet, Cow Ears, Cow Tail, Cow Hooves, Cow Feet
Other: 20000 Money #8, 40000 Money #8

Scenario: 765PRO on the National Tour to the Future
Idol: Special Guest – Shizuka Mogami (Precious Grain)
Outfits: Wish Full of Miracles, Star Rime Serenade, Wired Marionette, Holy Night Gifter, Fancy Petunia, Happiness Lupinus, Nordic Blueberry, Lily of Glen, Creamy Raspberry, Fortune Clover, Rainy May Bells, Snaky Showgirl
Songs: Niji-iro Miracle, Shizuka na Yoru ni Negai o…, Marionette no Kokoro, Kami-sama no Birthday, relations
Accessories: Rice Ball Head, Azusa’s Marriage Necklace, Teddy Speaker, 765PRO Office Slippers, Santa Hat, Exciting Gift, Noel Arm Band, Ankle Illuminator
Other: 20000 Money #7, 40000 Money #7

Scenario: EX Episode 2 – Best Brilliance (Trusty Fortune, Dream 2 Stars, Jump 2 Stars, Glass Hyde Heart, Allo Selene, Istorija Svet, Sonic Citrush, Empress Charm, Fantasia Sol, Genial Sincerity, Teary Fulgens, Unrivaled Piercer, Emuto Ambition)
Idol: Special Guest – Mirai Kasuga (Suteki na Kiseki)
Outfits: Stella Guard BDU, Wonder Marine Voyage, Windmill Lantana, School Girl Wear, Halloween Tricker, My Baby’s Breath, Lakeside Pansy, Monochrome Cowgirl, Twinkle Spangles
Songs: Fate of the World, Mata ne, Kimi wa Melody, Mahou o Kakete!
Accessories: Red Hexa Glasses, Order Medal Brooch, Heart Bind Rings, Emblem Light Garter, Angel Tricorne, Sunlight Compass, Captain’s Hook, Rudder & Scarf, Whirlpool @ Face Pack, Kikuchi Racing Flag, Angel Bangle, Sticking Hamzou
Other: 20000 Money #6, 40000 Money #6

Scenario: 765PRO on the Road to the Queens of School Festivals
Idols: Special Guest – Kana Yabuki (Original Koe ni Natte), Special Guest – Nao Yokoyama (Happy☆Lucky☆Jet Machine)
Outfits: Relish Autumn, Lady Grisaille, Pastel Bikini, My Dear Vampire, Starlight Agent, Saint Iris, Twilight Safari, Jungle Survivor, Sky Puzzler, Baby Blue Jaguar, Desert Traveler, Horoscope Caster
Songs: Thank You!, 99 Nights, Kyun! Vampire Girl, L.O.B.M., my song
Accessories: Monochrome Blossom, 2-toned Ribbon, High Lace Bracelet, Ribbon Ankle Zebra, Vampire Mouthpiece, Vampire Heart, Bloody Nails, Flying Bats
Other: 20000 Money #5, 40000 Money #5

Scenario: EX Episode 1 – New Song
Idol: Special Guest – Anzu Futaba (Anzu no Uta)
Outfits: Summer Grace Dress, Shiny Rock Star, Meteor Light Shower, Forever Star ☆☆☆, Prima Concerto ♪, Punkish Gothic, Windy Cherries
Songs: Vault That Borderline!, Watashi-tachi wa Zutto… Deshou?, Watashi wa Idol ♡, I Want
Accessories: Ribbon & Straw Hat, Marguerite Choker, Summer-colored Nails, Marguerite Anklet, Another Ritsu’s Glasses, 765PRO Labarum, Haruka’s Cooking Utensils, Bunny Slippers
Other: 20000 Money #4, 40000 Money #4

Scenario: 765PRO, to the Island of Everlasting Summer
Idol: Special Guest – Dearly Stars (HELLO!!)
Outfits: Sea Bloom Curtain, Abyssal Majesty, 765 Color Glitter, Sailor Swimsuit, Princess Melody ♪, 765 Campus Jersey, Burning Performer, Cyber Star Ship
Songs: Ramune-iro Seishun, Machiuke Prince, Kami SUMMER!!, Nanairo Button, Positive!
Accessories: Shellwork Earrings, Moon & Star Chain, Tear Drop Ring, Aqua Flow Garter, Hagiwara Helmet, Blue Bird Wings, Wishing Star Stick, Clinging AmiMami, Snorkel, Dolphin Balloon, 2 Scoops Ice Cream, Diving Fins
Other: 20000 Money #3, 40000 Money #3

Idol: Special Guest – Serika Hakozaki (Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte)
Outfits: Teatime Happiness, Summer Breeze Colors, Noble Chic Rhombus, Ion Tail Image, Beyond The Stars, Corduroy Country, Violet Lightning, Puzzle Del Sol
Songs: Kimi * Channel, MEGARE!, Overmaster
Accessories: Marble To Heart, Lovely Sweet Patch, Candy Pop Band, Candy Mellow Ring
Other: 20000 Money #2, 40000 Money #2

Idol: Special Guest – Ranko Kanzaki (Hana Tsubomi Yume Miru Kyoushikyoku ~Tamashii no Shirube~)
Outfits: La Reine Rouge, Star Piece Memories, Sunny Jade Vine, Bikini of Siren, Flowrish Flowery
Songs: DREAM
Accessories: Ancient Rose, Nostalgic Star, Dark Rose Wristlet, Antique Garter, LAWSON AmiMami Puppet
Other: 20000 Money #1, 40000 Money #1, Mails from HARUKA EX, Mails from CHIHAYA EX, Mails from MIKI EX, Mails from IORI EX, Mails from YAYOI EX, Mails from YUKIHO EX, Mails from MAKOTO EX, Mails from RITSUKO EX, Mails from AMI EX, Mails from MAMI EX, Mails from AZUSA EX, Mails from TAKANE EX, Mails from HIBIKI EX

This time done properly and with separate money packs.

Thanks to Kenshindono and neptune.

262 thoughts on “THE IDOLM@STER ONE FOR ALL Complete Catalog Set

  1. Amatsuka Kou

    Whoa… In the end, you release it too…
    Thanks anyway…

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Namco made it a bit more difficult but still doable.

  2. Amatsuka Kou

    I hope you’ll release the next DLC too that will release on June…

  3. ferslayerx

    Majin3 “the best”
    Good Job!
    Answer: not change costumes 876pro-S4U, bug or error? T_T

    1. Majin3 Post author

      You can only change the appearance of 765PRO if it’s the same as in the previous game.

  4. Amatsuka Kou

    Just for your information…
    Catalog Vol. 02 will be release on 25th June…

    1. Majin3 Post author

      You sure are quick. Need to wait for someone to fetch the catalog link first.

  5. Amatsuka Kou

    Fast!! Too Fast!!! Hahaha…
    Thank you very much!!!

  6. Taro Aso

    Too fast!!
    It was released yesterday from official.
    Thank you very much.
    I am enjoying One For All with new DLC now!!

  7. Hewagz

    Thanks for this :DDD I’m looking forward to the next catalog :)

  8. IMASP

    i cannot Extract pkg pack
    i use 3k3y
    EDIT: ahhh i got it Thanks for DLC

    1. chroah

      can you teach me how to do it, I’m new to this game and dlc stuff :<

  9. Hewagz

    YES Finally! been waiting for so long for this Thanks neptune, ferick and Maijin3 :D

  10. DJNear

    DLC doesn’t work.I have got a 1.02 but game don’t see catalog.
    Sorry for my English ^^

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Remove the whole game data and install 1.02 (make sure it’s really 1.02 and not 1.01) freshly. Not much else I can tell you…

  11. Amatsuka Kou

    I already got the Update 1.02, but when I want to play, it said my PS3 Firmware need to update to 4.50 (Because right now I’m still using Rebug 4.46)… Can anyone make some Fix for this???

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Either upgrade your CFW, patch it yourself or use multiMAN.

      1. Amatsuka Kou

        Well… I already used Multiman… But when I back to Home Screen menu, it asked again to upgrade my Firmware… But, when I delete the Update 1.02, the game can be played normally…

        1. Majin3 Post author

          multiMAN doesn’t patch the database which still has the update tagged as 4.50. Go to the recovery menu and make the PS3 rebuild it.

  12. Kuroi

    i can always get the OFA dlc here in the first time and it’s easy to install
    thank you so much! THANKS!

  13. ardchie

    i’m already installed 1.02 but i still can’t use catalog 3 *the version didn’t change even i installed 1.02* (rogero 4.55) how to fix it? thanks

  14. Majin3 Post author

    WordPress keeps eating the links. Thanks again, neptune and ferick.

  15. Ryan

    I downloaded and installed the catalogue, and everything else worked fine but I can’t see the new ex episode anywhere. I already cleared IE with few of the idols. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Majin3 Post author

      The website says there should be a new “EX Episode 1 – New Song” entry under Produce Mode for the idols you cleared IE with.

      1. Ryan

        I’m not sure what’s wrong. Can anyone confirm they can see the new episodes? My event tab is still greyed out. My producer rank is 13 and have chihaya, yayoi, makoto cleared IE.

        Is there a level restriction or do I need to unlock all of the idols first? Thank you.

        1. fakeboy

          same problem here.i’ve installed the catalog and unlock pkgs.i have 4 new songs and special guest Anzu Futaba, but i cant find new Ex-episodes and new singel songs anywhere.

          1. Majin3 Post author

            Can you guys try the following:
            1. Download and extract this.
            2. Browse to /game/BLJS10260/USRDIR on your PS3 system.
            3. Delete I040140000000000.EDAT, I040150000000000.EDAT and I040160000000000.EDAT
            4. Add the files from the archive.

  16. Kuroi

    takane’s new song ‘futatsu no tsuki’
    what a excellent one!

    as usual
    Majin san, thank you so much!

  17. Genki

    Has anyone tell me the name of program for updating?
    I cannot find any program to update my patch to 1.02
    or tell me another way to find it

      1. DESU

        Need help here. I installed the 1.0.2 patch .pkg file and all the catalogs but the game still can’t read the #3 and #4. Any help? Thanks.

  18. neptune

    Now it’s time to get the Catalog Vol05 link ;-)

    Name code to avoid link eaten:

    I just found that if I cut the “http” in the link, the blog didn’t check my comment.
    So next time I’ll also cut it xD

  19. Satake

    I’ve installed the 5th catalogue and can see and select the new scenarios, but the game takes me straight to the fes when I select the event, not playing the scenario story before nor after. I also can’t advance to the next part. Is this normal?

    Also, for some reason, the tropical scenario event advances each time I complete the new school festival scenario event…

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Considering the only thing I do is unlock the provided content, bugs like that sound pretty weird and are unlikely to come from the unlocking process. But let’s wait and see what those say who actually play the game.

        1. Bob

          I had the exact problem as Satake before I installed the patch 1.03. I also updated from 4.46 to 4.53.

          One more thing for some reason the new scenario is labeled as A but counts towards the S rank season goal.

          1. Majin3 Post author

            The catalog doesn’t require 1.03 so bugs without it shouldn’t happen. Just a shot in the dark, but was your 4.46 maybe a COBRA CFW?

          2. Amatsuka Kou

            I had the same problem… I’m using Rebug 4.46… The problem solved by using update 1.03..

  20. HunterX

    I tried the DLC 5 and so far i have done the 1st part of the new event and have unlocked the 2nd part. All songs and costumes are also unlocked. So I guess its working perfectly. Thanks a lot for the fix, and its super fast this time ^^

    Update, i have finished the new event so the fix works 100%. Thanks for the awesome fix.. Please keep fixing the future DLCs :P

  21. Shin

    i have all DLC, i installed dlc 1 & 2 work perfectly…
    but, dlc 3 – 5 is not work to me.
    do u know how to fix it? or explain it a detail please? >_<
    i'm using cfw 4.55 rogero v1

    1. HunterX

      I’m using the same CFW. You need to install update 1.03 first to make the DLCs work.

  22. karas100

    I need some help guys. Anybody know about where can i Grab update1.03 ? becuase i try to install DLC 1-5 but got vol.1-2 works. And vol.3-5 Still not working for me. TwT

      1. karas100

        Really Thanks so much Kuroi. I’ll try to find this program and try to used this finally i got the 1.03 update now. :D

  23. Majorasfan

    I just picked up a PS3, and I’m a desperate and Penniless P looking to get the DLC. I also can’t spare hundreds of dollars for the DLC though. Is the ONLY way for these packs to work installing CFW on your PS3? Because that involves screwdrivers and hardware things that I’ll mess up for sure.

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Yes, you need CFW. For CFW you need a PS3 with firmware 3.55 or lower. If it’s higher but came with <=3.55 you can downgrade it with "screwdrivers and hardware things." If it came with >3.55, you’re screwed as far as I know.

  24. Amatsuka Kou

    Here we go again…. October 28th…
    Time for waiting DLC Vol. 06 + Fix…

  25. Majin3 Post author

    And another thanks. Fix might be a bit late this month, though.

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Obviously, because I want to use the new catalog for a few days before anyone else can. Why else?

  26. karas100

    Wow XD Catalog 6 is online. it’s late for me but thank you for anybody is seeding this file TwT

  27. antaresstrigon

    XP muy lenta la descarga de torrents… demasiado lenta podrías subirla a MEGA mejor…

  28. neptune

    Catalog vol07 link:

    1. Shin

      thanks man :) i already installed it & work can seen in the DLC List Menu.
      But after i’m play the story game, load the game & i don’t get money 200k & 400k + DLC Costume + Song,Etc.
      is there any DLC fix for catalog 07?

  29. Majin3 Post author

    Another month, another catalog. Will try to get it out tomorrow or the day after that… Thanks as always.

    1. neptune

      Maybe next month it will end…(guess
      And big thanks to your hard decryption work for months !

      1. Amatsuka Kou

        I have that kind of feeling too… Maybe next month will be the last DLC…

        1. Fender

          Maybe next month, they’ll release a dlc catalogue with new guests and songs and then finish the catalogue the following month by releasing the last ex scenarios?

  30. Amatsuka Kou

    DLC vol. 08 will be release on December 25th…
    It’ll be a “Christmas Present” for all producers…

  31. neptune

    Catalog Vol8 link:

  32. Majin3 Post author

    Nothing better to do on Christmas than getting new IM@S DLC, huh?

  33. antaresstrigon

    Hola les dejo esto, ustedes sabrán que hacer… saludos.

    PKG: Im@s Channel:

    PKG Shiny TV:

    espero que les sirvan saludos….

  34. Amatsuka Kou

    Catalog Vol. 09 will be release on 29th January…

    It seems there still isn’t a sign that’s will be the end…

  35. antaresstrigon

    -JAJAJAJa borraron los linck de Im@s Channel… JAJAJAJA si los tienen úsenlos…

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Your previous comment got caught as spam. Please write in English.
      IM@S CHANNEL content is not free, it needs corresponding rap files. I don’t think there’s anything useful in there anyway.

      1. antaresstrigon

        Sorry I’m not good with English, rightly did not go, and no, no install needed RAP as a normal PKG and so if you are 3 packages of Shiny TV as PSP … greetings … (translated with Google) XD

        1. Majin3 Post author

          Guess I’m thinking about something else then as I have a few rap files containing “IMASSFCHANNEL” here.

          1. antaresstrigon

            Funny, he did not ask me RAP or FIX, just install the 4 APK, only bad thing is that it does not detect me inside the ONE FOR ALL and still can not find the APK others missing, I think with time can draw the PSN or if someone already the sack. Greetings and a good contribution yours is agradese.

            Im@s Channel — PS3 CFW 4.65 –

  36. Amatsuka Kou

    I already try that “iM@S CHANNEL”, but the DLC for Shiny TV didn’t work… The DLC content can’t detect… Maybe it need some fix…

        1. antaresstrigon

          For those who have problems with DLC upgrade to 1.05 before installing the other DLC Shiny TV, but create a RAP, because a friend of mine has a different console and not a FAT, whether you think it is. use the RAP place.
          Within the RAR LEEM read the file.

          Download: h ttp s://meg!eFpmzawQ!EVYmZxgdNkYcUYTGvnjm_OxGxvLSfSunOQDFQJBXLtY

          Remove the spaces of the link, the password is: lobo
          Good luck greetings … this by MEGA.

          1. Amatsuka Kou

            It’s still not work… The DLC Content still can’t detect…

        2. antaresstrigon

          Upgrade to version 1.05?, I recommend that you delete everything and reinstall from scratch buelvas, first install the APK Imas Channel, then update and then install the APK Shiny TV, then RAP, when everything initiate eye will not to run if it is 1.05.
          sorry for my English I’m not good in English.

          Update V.1.06 new:

          1. Amatsuka Kou

            It’s already work…
            You cant’ just using the rap file and install the update… But you also need ReactPSN to activate the rap file…

          2. antaresstrigon

            Of Course, but very easy to use reActPSN, even I, not much of PS3 not cost me anything to learn 3 steps and my friend stayed with the DLC installed, I do not neseite, I do not know if because I have a FAT or as I had installed the DLC reActPSN by Miku …
            But I want to know if you worked or not
            APK stands apology is that I’m working with Android launcher and confused me … lol I have spent over 12 hours on the job. XD

          3. Amatsuka Kou

            By the way… Can u get the rest of DLC???
            There is 12 DLC + 2 extra song for Shiny TV….
            I’ll really thankful if you can get all DLC for Shiny TV…

            Here is the detail of DLC > “http:// php”

          4. antaresstrigon

            I can not promise that, but if I find other DLC, if I the author climb the LINK without any problems, difficult as not all share the LINK buying in PSNStore, and costs decipher the LINK without buying Sony, I recently with this way and I have those of Gran Turismo 6 there trying to decipher the code of LINK, to do with Shiny TV. Greetings.

  37. neptune

    Catalog 09 pkg link:

    Oh, IMAS dlc is looking endless lol…
    BTW, it seems $ony has changed some rules of psn pkg naming

      1. neptune

        Maybe they mainly work for the NEW G4U PACK… xD

        And waiting for your fix ;-)

  38. Blackavengergirl

    Is the game update to 1.6 required for the latest DLC? I have the bought copy of the game at version 1.00 and the DLC stopped appearing after #2.

    If anyone has a link to the update that will be appreciated

    1. Majin3 Post author

      It may not be required but it’s always best to be up to date if you don’t want compatibility issues.
      1.06 is here:

      1. Blackavengergirl

        Sorry for the late reply. -_-”
        It all works well! Thank you!
        I updated my game and the dlc works fine :D

  39. antaresstrigon

    Thanks for the input, I think it will be over 18 DLC because characters are like Cinderella, are enough, and I saw that in the first chapters out characters in poster and pv not yet come … but if you are placing 2 or 3 characters in each DLC might be 18 … still do not know, and what of the idolmaster 2 XBOX360 end stay at 13 and the PS3 gave some more … greetings and thanks for the DLC.

  40. BW

    Hold on, do you download it, put it into your game, and you can use the DLC for free? How would you install it? (I usually pay for the DLC and now i’m just getting tired of buying it..)

    1. Amatsuka Kou

      If you’re using CFW, just dowload it, install the DLC, and install the Fix / Unlock…
      Since I had PS3, I never buy a game and DLC… Just download it all from web…

  41. neptune

    Catalog Vol.10 pkg:

    Sorry for my lateness..

    1. Amatsuka Kou

      At last…. Thx for your effort…

      Now waitng for Majin to make the Fix….

  42. Fender

    anxiously waiting for catalogue 10! Thanks for always, majin!

  43. antaresstrigon

    MAGI these holidays … ??? XD … waiting for the review, a query that if we install the DLC without review …? and then another day review, not the game crashes … ?? Greetings …

    Magin through the FIX …
    Now I’m uploading video capture at youtube … XD … Thanks …

  44. Amatsuka Kou

    At last…
    Thx, Majin…
    I think vol.11 will be Honda Mio as special guest… XD

  45. hamza pro

    thanks but can anyone reupload the rap file [NPJB00486] imas channel?

    1. antaresstrigon

      I’m sorry I put erasure is limited as to place’m cleaning PSP games MEGA … since my HDD is running out much space … greetings …
      Imas: //!ndo0hTrA!J55U2S6lPUl2wxEwkhEQr5kU5kMoTidGEQMmWcJNMpk
      PD: Add the HTTPS:

      1. hamza pro

        thanks but the link is corrupted i can’t download the file
        can you reupload the rap file in other link please?

        i’m sorry, i finally download it with smartphone

      2. kaylo

        thanks for sharing the rap files. Are you able to get any of the other volumes besides 1,2 and 3? vol. 12 is the one I’m really trying to find, but the only site I found that might have it is a private chinese forum. (bbs. duowan. com /thread-35076007-1-1.html)

  46. Reece Bamber

    Help me ;_;
    I literally just randomly downloaded the DLC from the actual game on the playstation store, all the catalog’s are downloading and I didn’t pay at all, I’m scared as to what the hell is happening!

    1. antaresstrigon

      I will try to understand you, I downloaded the DLC PS store … whether all catalogs are free … I guess not activaste game, you have to do is FIX with 100kb files that are in the Torren that are above, but your console must have CFW no OFW … and install it as an APK after the DLC … nothing bad happens only releasing the parts that are not free, if I’m wrong please correct me …
      English muchi not use the google translator … greetings.

    2. Majin3 Post author

      In case you’re having trouble understanding the answer above: The catalogs themselves (the huge .pkg files from the torrents) are free but you need a license to be able to actually use the DLCs in-game instead of just browsing the catalogs which is what this post is about.

  47. neptune

    Aha, time to get new link lol
    Catalog vol.11:

  48. alex

    hello I would like saver if I can help .the DOWNLOAD dlc but only 1 and 2 operate me perfectly 3-11 enables me not actualize wing play and what version 1.06 but still not working I have roguero cfw 4.55 v 1.00

  49. antaresstrigon

    Try changing the CFW another example, by HABIB or Darknet, you may ROGUERO of problems DLC. Total CFW can change whenever you want. greetings to you.

  50. miki

    Hello.I want to know cheats about S4U.
    Do you know how to change ultimate mode costume on save editor?

    I want to know ultimate mode costume address of hex editor.

  51. Vash

    Dude, I really appreciate what you’re doing. I get the catalog’s for my lady and this is basically the only place to get them haha. Thanks alot!

  52. antaresstrigon

    Catalog 12 is out, if there is any complaint place, please delete

      1. antaresstrigon

        Thanks for your work and a taste for help.
        Waiting ances. Greetings.

  53. antaresstrigon

    I found the idolm@ter Cinderella G4U, I leave it, if you can not place, please delete, not installed, it is like a normal game.

  54. antaresstrigon

    Well since the catalog came out wrong 13 if you placed it deleted please

  55. antaresstrigon

    Thanks for your work

    To use catalog 13 mandatory Update: 1.07

  56. Load78

    There are no suit ….
    Thank you for your work ^^

    Pity he did not clothes

    1. Majin3 Post author

      This is the complete catalog. There are no outfits this time.

  57. Adi

    How to get patch update 1.04, 1.05, 1.06 and 1.07? help please

  58. popoponP

    So I installed pkg 8 unlock after installing 1, 3, 5, and 7 without any problems. Now all of my DLC is no longer unlocked. Ive tried restoring a backup and reinstalling, but I am unable to access my original game. Any ideas?

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Might be HDD corruption. Try deleting the game\BLJS10260 folder on your PS3, then rebuilding the database and reinstalling all DLC and the current patch 1.07.
      Checking the game files and HDD SMART values could be a good idea too.

  59. Maikeru94

    Hello, long time fan here and I appreciate everything that you are doing for us fellow producers. I thought that I would do my part to contribute by sharing the dl link to Catalog Vol. 14

  60. Fender

    Thanks Majin! Nice to finally see the idolm@ster song. I wonder if this will be the last catalogue?

  61. Amatsuka Kou

    Hmm… I’m not too sure if Vol. 14 really be the last…
    Before, on iDOLM@STER 2, they write Final when they announced the last catalog…

    1. Majin3 Post author

      They’ve uploaded a “Catalog Highlights PV” and 14 had nothing but a few songs either so I’m thinking it’s the last.

      1. RAB

        por favor, como se tiene que actualizar el juego con el programa IRISMAN?

  62. FlameFoxter

    After i updated game to newest version and installed first 3 сatalogues, the voices of all main cast disappeared, songs are fine tho. How i can fix this?

    1. Majin3 Post author

      – make sure there are actually voices supposed to be in that scene
      – make sure you’re not using any COBRA mods
      – check the game & DLC files for corruption
      – re-install game & DLC data
      – check your PS3’s hard drive for corruption

      1. FlameFoxter

        Reinstalled game twice, still same thing. By the way, my old IM@S 2 have same problem now, all voices dissapeared. Other games working as usuall, only 2 IM@S games. Maybe they somehow ban people that use CFW?

        1. Majin3 Post author

          Reinstalling won’t help if your initial disc / download is damaged. But it sounds more like you’re using some incompatible mods. Any CFW / loader updates as of late?
          And I’m pretty sure nobody’s “voice banning” CFW users.

          1. FlameFoxter

            Just updated my CFW to HABIB CEX-4.75, reinstalled game again but same stuff for both IM@S 2 and One for All. No idol girls for me ;_;

            1. Majin3 Post author

              Did you try all of the suggestions above yet? More specifically:
              – check the game & DLC files for corruption (means download the game files from your PS3 and compare them to a download)
              – check your PS3’s hard drive for corruption (means take it out and at least check its SMART values)

          2. FlameFoxter

            1) I just downloaded new iso from other site, still same problem ( But okay, i will check this )
            2) Don’t think it’s HDD, why other 10 games works fine? Only IM@S 2 and One for all have sound problems ( Songs, OST and BGM works, only Voices disappeared )

            1. Majin3 Post author

              Or try another game launcher. I don’t know what else it could be.

            1. Majin3 Post author

              I mean multiMAN, IrisManager and whatever else there is to launch games. Try a different one.

  63. Meipon

    Is it safe to use Cfw on your ps3? really want the dlc’s but don’t wanna damaged my ps3 or something

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Define “safe”. No custom firmware is going to be as well tested as the official ones. Also, going online can always get you banned on CFW. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

  64. IDolmaster fans

    I downloaded DLC from HIEN here
    try DLC catalog 1, 2 , 3 and now 4
    tested on my PS3 CFW Rogero 4.55
    and all works fine so far…. no problem at all
    thank you very much HIEN for sharing this !! :)

    just wanna ask…
    after DLC 1,2,3 and 4 … can I skip and install to the last DLC ?
    I want to install DLC catalog 14 because I really want “idolmaster 2nd mix” songs in there
    can I do that ? … 1,2,3,4 then go jump into 14 ?…
    or maybe I must get catalog 5 first ?

    what if after 1,2,3,4 …. then I go to 15 and 14 after that
    it is possible ?

    thank you for anyone that answer my question above

  65. IDolmaster Fans

    I already have 1.07 since the beginning
    since the first time I have DLC catalog 01 … it’s already 1.07..
    and for DLC catalog 01 until catalog 04 it’s works fine.. no problem at all

    right now I just want to ” skip ” into Catalog 14
    ( because I really need Idolmaster 2nd mix song so badly! .. hahaha :) ) ..
    then go backward to catalog 05., 06 …

    thanks for your information Majin3 :)

    1. Majin3 Post author

      You know you could just get the batch with all catalogs? It’s well seeded and replaces the old single uploads.

      1. IDolmaster Fans

        yes majin3 you right :)

        but right now my free space on my PS3 is very limited …
        i didn’t have much free HDD space on my PS3 Hard drive .. that’s too bad, haha :)
        so I must select some of Idolmaster DLC with I like it a lot
        especially some DLC that contains the songs that I really like
        so that’s why I’m not download them all,
        and that’s why I skipped to DLC 14 after DLC4.. haha >_<;

        right now I have DLC 1,2,3,4,5 and 13 , 14
        and I'm still check right now which DLC that I still didn't have and contains my favorite song
        still searching….. :)

        Thank you for sharing majin3

  66. josejes1

    hey , help me plz, how to install all dlc? :c
    i have a usb 16gb (fat32) and I do not accept the file that weighs more than 4 GB: c
    help me plz :C

    1. Majin3 Post author

      There’s no way to do that using a USB drive I’m afraid. Copy it over with FTP.

  67. youwish

    Does anyone have the direct ares link, or any link, for Catalog 06, please???

  68. gar

    If we have the physical copy of the game, is updating it to 1.07 necessary to install the DLCs?

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Physical or backup doesn’t matter. You need a certain version for all DLC to run which may not be 1.07 but it is one of the more recent updates.

  69. Sekainashi

    Hi majin3! Thank you so much for sharing these!
    I have a problem though. I am trying to fix the EX episodes that are not showing. Unfortunately I found the link in the fix that you gave has expired. Is there any other link?

    Thank you in advance!

  70. Alto Klef

    Hi, thanks for the hard work! Relatively new to CFW in general. Set mine up, installed my copy of the game. Do I need the .rap files to have the catalogs work or can I just install the packages?

  71. Anilin

    Hi, Majin3!
    Please help me! I have a big problem.

    I installed this catalog set in the following manner:
    1. Patch 1.07
    2. Catalog Set
    3. Catalog Set – Money
    4. Catalog Set – Unlock

    All dlc costumes, acsessuares and songs became available.
    I played for Hibiki, won IE but Ex-episodes have not appeared.
    All idols have status “no story” in game’s menu (

    What am I doing wrong?

    Informations, if it helps to solve the problem:
    – I don’t have psn’s acaunt and, accordingly, I don’t have *.edat file for this game
    – CFW 4,70.

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Hard to say when I haven’t finished the game with any of the characters myself so I don’t really know when and where those EX Episodes are supposed to appear.
      Your installation process and CFW should be fine and you don’t need the PSN version of the game either. Since it has worked for others, I’d suggest looking up if you’re really supposed to have unlocked that episode by now and if it should be in that menu. Reinstalling the 4 .pkgs just to be sure can’t hurt either.

      1. Anilin

        Thank you for answer!
        But I decided differently the problem. One good friend give me edat files from his a working game, I threw all them in the folder ps3 (//dev_hdd0/games/BLJS10260/USRDIR) and Ex episodes opened.

        Sorry for my english >.<

        1. linggreed

          @anilin can you tell me what edat files they are? my game doesn’t have (or i don’t know how to) EX episode

          Sorry for my bad english

          1. Majin3 Post author

            Now I finally realized what’s wrong. The complete set is indeed missing a few edats because I used the v1 of catalog 4 when merging them all together.
            I’m going to update the torrent as soon as NyaaTorrents is back up again. In the meantime you can download the updated unlock file with the CRC E872335D using XDCC.

  72. Kobayakawa

    Thank you so much for all the DLCs.
    Now I met a problem that I’ve installed the 1.07 patch, catalog set and money file you provided in the torrent and then the new unlock file.
    But when I run the game I can only see catalog 1 and 2 working.
    Need your help and thanks again.

    1. Majin3 Post author

      Check the files, re-install everything, try another CFW (without COBRA mods), try another game launcher. The usual stuff…

    2. Jayson

      The 1.07 patch didn’t install properly. Same thing happened to me. Fixed it by installing via the XMB over the internet. I am on OFW though so not sure how safe that is on CFW.

  73. ANR

    DLC Package cannot be extracted with PKG extractor… Please Help… But the update is working fine….

  74. OreDayo

    I can’t play the game, please help. The ISO isn’t working

  75. Lynny246

    Quick question because i am a noob,
    is this a pkg that includes the base game and dlc
    or do i need to buy the game or find a base pkg?

  76. Love_love

    For some reason after I install everything only the first two catalogs appear. Any idea why?

    1. Love_love

      Found my answer! If, for some reason, only catalogs 1 and 2 appear after you’ve installed everything, it’s because the 1.07 update is a bad dump, same thing that happened to Jayson. Instead, get yourself the update with something like PSNStuff, keep the rest of the files. That should solve the issue!

  77. Hanamura

    Hey mate. seems like the thread died huh
    Anyways thanks for this.
    But I’ve been having a problem ever since I installed those DLCs. Most of the BGM of the game is not playing anymore (menu and dialogue for example), music pkays fine EXCEPT the DLCs ones which… well, don’t seem to work. Tho everything else seems to be working, clothes and all.
    My game is with the update 1.07 (at least it says so in the info.) which seems to be the latest. Is it perhaps something about the EDAT files? Or something else entirely…
    Well, I’ve left a comment about that at Nyaa torrents cause this blog was supposedly down. thanks god it came back tho, but what had happened?

    Anyways, thanks and have a nice day.


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